ATI Tray Tools is a free utility that runs in the system tray and provides easy right-click access to all of your ATI video card’s crucial settings. This site uses cookies. Vista x64 running as administrator Install Low Level driver installs or so it says , but will not start. Originally Posted by Djinn When booting up, I get the following error message: Take a note that now this option is disabled by default.

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Dec 15, atii Fixed memory calculation procedure for some of RV5xx video boards Added new option to automatically restore desktop icon positions after resolution changes. Added bit driver binary. Added 3 more text slots for the server’s OSD.

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Please restart computer after installing this build. Everything worked fine on XP with the same setup, but not in Vista.

Ray AdamsMar 26, The list of plugin related enhancements includes: How it will work: Shows video card stats temp, GPU usage, etc. General Software Anything software that is not operating system related goes here.


Nov 25, By default ATT, in High precision mode, calculate best reference divider, set nearest desired clocks using range between 2 and Added source code comments for all previously available SDK samples. Added option to select log file folder location.

Using this module you can put GPU or Environment temperature to system tray. ATT must reside in memory to be able lpw do this job. SpectreMar 24, Allow to program any registers in any PCI device at start up time.

Leve, 20, Take a note than flicker free mode is now enabled by default, and it is a bit slower than the previously available OSD rendering mode. Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen: W83LR sample plugin demonstrates implementation of temperature data sources for display adapters with Winbond W83LR sensor e.

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This tool is developed by Ray Adams. As you can see small difference is levfl using higher “Calculated Divider”. Allows overclocking, controlling of fans, etc.


Resta aggiornato sulle ultime offerte Scopri tutte le offerte selezionate per te: Now you can set restriction for reference divider calculation. Using this button you can check what 3D API type is used in the selected profile.

Now you can resize 3D Renderer window.

PowerStrip PowerStrip provides advanced, multi-monitor, programmable hardware support to a wide range of graphics cards – from the venerable Matrox Millennium I to recent AMD The bigger window the better chances for finding maximum clocks. Added new Game Profile option. Run as administrator fixes that for me. Added monitoring plugin “HDD Temperature”.