You may notice there is a defined ‘dynamic contrast’ preset mode which we will test later on. When you switch the the ‘faster’ setting there is a fairly pronounced and obvious improvement in the pixel responsiveness. This may also account for the presence of a fair degree of motion blur on this screen, even when the response time control is turned up to its fastest setting. Tests from other websites such as X-bitlabs. See details for description of any imperfections. Black depth was still fantastic at 0.

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The Samsung F samsunt an interesting screen to test, even a couple of years on from its original release. Manual, downloads, specs and register F Series F edit device details model number. Samsung SyncMaster F review: Black depth would be recorded on an all black screen.

F Series Business Monitor F Support & Manual | Samsung Business

F2308 and features The inch Samsung SyncMaster F has a black, matte chassis and an angular aesthetic with somewhat sharp corners and edges. Laptop Panel Parts Database. Recommended Refresh Rate Having the proper refresh rate is important to prevent the image being distorted. Movies on the F looked great thanks to the display’s high contrast ratio, exhibited by its very deep blacks.


The information provided in this smsung goes in to a bit more technical detail than many readers may not want or need, so feel free to skip to the next section if you don’t need to know about the science. Wide viewing angles thanks to cPVA panel technology meaning several people could view the screen at once comfortable and from a whole host of different angles.

It’s not perfect, but an improvement certainly. The Up and Down buttons also double as a brightness and preset shortcut buttons respectively. For more information, please visit HP’s website: We aren’t able to accurately record this using the devices we have available but it is certainly reaching below 0.

The input lag of samusng F was very good. The stand and base are also a black colour. MagicBright mode – Dynamic Contrast. There are options for ‘normal’, ‘faster’ and ‘fastest’ as shown in the picture above. We also carried out the same test but in gamma mode 3.

The panel itself actually uses a 6-bit colour depth with frame rate control Hi-FRC to produce the The screen is quite wobbly however if you give it a little shake and is not as sturdy as some other screens with similar stands. I would like to make a point that for many people this won’t be an issue at all, and many may not even notice it.


This change also had a positive impact on colour accuracy. This RTC impulse is applied to speed up the pixel transitions which can help reduce motion blur and ghosting. There are options for normal, faster and fastest.

They showed a clearer and sharper moving image with less pronounced motion blur than the F Again lower the brightness control. The images below show the best case example from each of the three ‘response time’ settings. Skip to main content. This was good as leakage has the potential to become distracting when watching movies, especially where black borders are samsumg.

Samsung F2380 LCD Monitor

The blur is reduced a little more. To be honest it might have been nicer to see the screen without this extra trim which looks a little out f23880 place and looks as if it has been tacked on as an after-thought even.

The panel width measures JUN 22, User Manual ver.