Additional Risk Factors Specific to the Notes. A deleted stock is replaced by the highest-ranked non-component on the selection list in the STOXX Europe Total Market Index to maintain the fixed number of stocks in the index. Also, your notes are not equivalent to investing directly in the underlier stocks, i. Supplemental discussion of U. Additions and deletions in connection with a quarterly review are announced on the fourth Tuesday prior to the review implementation month. If the third Friday of the relevant month is not a trading day, then the implementation occurs on the next trading day, with effect on the following trading day. Supplemental Plan of Distribution.

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This pricing supplement, the accompanying product supplement no. Key Terms and Assumptions. The information contained in this pricing supplement, the accompanying product supplement no. General Terms Supplement No.

Delivery Options see all. Payments on the notes are economically equivalent to the amounts that would be paid on a combination of other instruments.

Take off the back shell, find out the part number of the old touch screen printed on the ribbon. You can lose your entire investment in the notes. Furthermore, if you sell your notes, you will likely be charged a commission for sipver market transactions, or the price will likely reflect a dealer discount. If you sell your notes in a secondary market prior to the stated maturity date, your return will depend upon the market value of your notes at the time of sale, which may be affected by a number of factors that are not reflected in the table below such as interest rates, the volatility of the underlier, the creditworthiness of GS Finance Corp.



The issue price of the notes in the subsequent sale may differ substantially higher or lower from the original issue price you paid as provided on the cover of this pricing supplement. In addition to the factors discussed above, the value and quoted price of your notes at any time will reflect many factors and cannot be predicted. The notes are yp-a6002 bank deposits and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency, nor are they obligations of, or guaranteed lind, a bank.

The return on your investment whether positive or negative in your notes will be affected by the amount you pay for your notes.

Supplemental Terms of the Notes. If you purchase your notes for a price other than the face amount, the return on your investment will differ from, and may be significantly lower than, the hypothetical returns suggested by the above examples. Acer Iconia Silver line tp-a Series: If you purchase notes at a price that differs from the face amount of the notes, then the return on your investment in such notes held to the stated maturity date will differ from, and may be substantially less than, the return on notes purchased at face amount.

Consequently, the amount of cash to be paid in respect of your notes, if any, on the stated maturity date may be very different from the information reflected in the table and chart above. To create the selection list for the index, for each company having more than one eligible class of stock, only the most liquid class is eligible, and a liquidity screen of a 3-month average daily trading volume of greater than one million Euros is applied to the eligible stocks.


No change in or affecting any of the underlier stocks or the method by which the underlier sponsor calculates the underlier. The free float factors and outstanding number of shares for each index stock that STOXX Limited uses to calculate the index, as described below, are reviewed, calculated and implemented on a quarterly basis and are fixed until the next quarterly review.

Considerations Relating to Indexed Notes. Except to the extent otherwise provided by law, GS Finance Corp. You should carefully consider whether the offered notes are suited to your particular circumstances. You should read the disclosure herein to better understand the terms and risks of your investment, including the credit risk of GS Finance Corp.

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Original issue date settlement date: This prospectus includes this pricing supplement fp-a6002 the accompanying documents listed below. This pricing supplement supersedes any conflicting provisions of the accompanying product supplement no. The closing lkne level is calculated by converting non-Euro stock prices to Euros using fixed foreign exchange rates WM fixed exchange rates. A deleted stock is replaced by the highest-ranked non-component on the selection list in the STOXX Europe Total Market Index to maintain the fixed number of stocks in the index.


No price adjustments are made. Also, the stated buffer. Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

The cash settlement amount will not be adjusted based on the issue price you pay for the notes. High Quality Touch xilver grade A. The action scope may include but is not limited to: