It is possible to configure the router without the software. Refer to the beginning of this section for a bridge description of these protocols. This will ensure you are connecting to If deselecting the Automatically Assigned Default Gateway checkbox, the following screen appears: The MAC address has the following format “xx: The area that will probably raise the most questions is configuring virtual servers, and what are port triggers. Click for more product images Warranty:

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Launch the EasyConfigurator software.

USRobotics SureConnect USR – wireless router – DSL modem – b/g – desktop Overview – CNET

Packets smaller than the specified fragmentation threshold value are not fragmented. If deselecting the Automatically Assigned Default Gateway checkbox, the following screen appears: It will classify traffic according to the classification rules. Mdoem Status indicates whether the system is currently recording events. This low ping is really no different to using an Ethernet connection.

U.S. Robotics SureConnect ADSL Wireless Gateway Model 9106 Review

In use the unit runs just above room temperature, and seems to have plenty of cooling slots on the underside with vents on the top of the case. If you can find it cheaper than say the equivalent Belkin or Linksys units, then people who want something that is straightforward to set up, should perhaps consider it. This stage allows you to set up the local network that your computers connected to the router will be using.

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I can’t access the Internet My wireless connection can not access the Internet Default user name and password Uninstalling the Gateway. Discussion of each routers modes and their relative speeds will robotica in their individual review. The screen allows inbound IP addresses to reach your computer. The router will store these so that you only ever need to enter them once.

USRobotics SureConnect USR ADSL Wireless Gateway Specs – CNET

The Wireless Gateway hardware and the boot loader software supports the “reset to default” button. If the reset button is continuously pushed for more than 5 seconds, the boot loader will erase all the configuration data saved in the “Permanent Storage” section on the flash memory. Ethernet RJ45 patch lead, colour coded to colour of port on router.

The gateway supports three different types of security settings for your network: LLC Local administrator account name: For instance, if the log level is set to Debugging, all the events from the lowest Debugging level to the most critical level Emergency level will be recorded. If this screen does not have values yet, this means you need to rlbotics your gateway by going to Begin Quick Setup.

The unit is sold in an attractive box, with bullet points highlighting what U. The following roboics levels are: Deselect this if you are not using the router as a wireless device in order to minimize the risk of security breeches.

Find out the basics Fix my Broadband In most cases, automode will suffice and should only be changed at the request of your ISP. In this example, when you run any application that connects from your local network to a computer on the Internet using a UDP port in the range tothe router will also open the ports to and point them at the computer that sent the original packet out. Homepage Broadband Hardware Reviews. Restoring Factory Default Settings It is only necessary to restore the gateway to the factory default settings when the gateway is in a non-functioning state or you wish to reprogram completely.


The final goal, you pressed Finish in the previous window, and now you can see that the router is connected.

To add an IP Address to the list select Add. Click Apply moxem you have made your selections. The unit unfortunately does not appear to be wall mountable, but does have four large rubber non-slip feet.

It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it. RJ11 to RJ11 plug lead for connecting router to microfilter, again colour coded. It also covers the Easy Configurator application on the CD. After clicking Finishthe gateway will save the configuration to the memory and reboot.