These are the contents of the box: Very fast indeed Decent drivers Rather expensive Drivers still not perfect. Diamond’s TNT board is not the fastest implementation of the chipset, but all of ’em are much the same hardware-wise. In spite of the fact that the public was blatantly lied to by nVidia about the potential of the TNT, technically nVidia never said when their TNT would be a Voodoo2-killer, so we can’t really blame them now can we? It requires only the BEST to work with.

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The big black square is the heatsink over the main processor chip. The latest news is of a “pre-beta” uh, that would be an alpha, right?

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card

OpenGL games inherit the colour depth of the desktop when you run them; if you’re running 16 bit in Windows, that’s what the game’ll be. This also means that playing games on your PC is rather a waste of the V’s abilities, even if you have a PAL version. You’ll have to excuse me now. Diamond Viper V graphics card Review date: We’ve already seen what Canopus can do with nVidia’s Riva TNT Chipset, so let’s see where Diamond draws the line and let’s see if they accomplish their goal in convincing some of you to purchase the Viper V over the competition.

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Why not give the credit to PCI users as well?

Card Specifications – Diamond Viper V

Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glidebut does it on any computer you care to name. Biper SE by Portola Dimensional. I would personally recommend a cooling fan to be installed if you intend to overclock it’s memory or chip.

ALI boards are, apparently, particularly bad in this respect. You can’t vkper your TV and monitor simultaneously, though, and the TV Out part of the V driver is deeply flaky, with controls you can’t use, and an “on” button that only seems to work once per Windows session.

It requires only the BEST to work with. All of this goes for other Unreal-engine games, like Klingon Honor Guard, too. The reason for this could be directly attributed to the closeness by which manufacturers followed vier is known as the reference design for their Voodoo2 boards.

Hopefully will be able to do it soon. The resolution bonuses apply to games that don’t make use of 3D acceleration, too.

What is recommended is at least a MHz processor, running at high resolution. Matrox’s G has been much more seriously hogtied by terrible drivers ever since its release. The Diamond drivers offer only basic display controls. Short for Tex ture El ement.

Diamond Viper V550

What do you get with the Riva TNT? A snake looks-a-like roller coaster creature is the main attraction here.

With little room for expansion in terms of performance, manufacturers had to resort to the bare essentials and basics to get their products to sell over the v5550 No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster. Even a MHz machine will produce low-ish Quake 2 framerates in by or by Click here to find lowest prices on this product.

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Current viler have “Flash upgradable” BIOS chips, that let you upgrade the basic motherboard management software by uploading a new BIOS version into the chip with a special program.

Direct3D games choose their own colour depth, and may or may not be switchable between 16 and 24 bit vkper. Once you’ve tweaked up your brightness a bit, all is very tasty. If it matters to you, check. So what is this card actually capable of?

Rather expensive Drivers still not perfect. The vipwr I got, though, had just a dinky little coupon apologising for the unavailability of SoftDVD at the time of packaging and inviting me to send in the coupon to get my copy.

This isn’t important for gamers, though, who have been buying plenty of Banshee cards for their near-Voodoo 2 3D performance and fast 2D.